Tomodachi Game: Episode 11 Review


Below are spoilers for the 11th series of Tomodachi Game “Do you really have nothing you care about?” now broadcast on Crunchyroll.

The tenth episode caused a storm of emotions among the audience. Yuichi’s elaborate plan worked well until it failed. Or so they thought.

It turned out that the leader of group K was Kay all this time. Meanwhile, Maria seems to have betrayed Yuichi by unofficially joining Group K. The third game ends after Group K finds Mikasa. Despite this, Yuichi’s loss is uncertain, mainly because he is always ten steps ahead. So what happened?

The winner of the third game

The eleventh episode opens with a scene between the groups. Manabu suddenly appears and announces that the winner of the third game was Group C, scaring everyone except Yuichi. Kay claims that K’s group was the first to find the hidden one and, as a result, should become the winner.

However, Manabu claims that finding the hiding one is not the only way to win the third game. The fake captain of group “K”, Juzo, pressed the “surrender” button before his team found Mikasa.

Until the end of the game

When Group K was still looking for Mikasa and Yuichi was with Hyakutaro tied up, Yuichi informed his new teammate that he was going to win. Yuichi’s statement and insane grin stunned Hyakutaro, especially because just a few minutes ago Yuichi was “crying” on the ground. Yuichi called Juzo and told him to press the reject button, clearly surprising him with his request. Naturally, as a loyal friend, Giuso refused.

That was until Yuichi told him he was going to hit Hyakutaro, until he pressed the button and gave up. Juzo thought he was bluffing until Yuichi called him to the phone. Despite Hyakutaro’s attempts to assure Juzo that he was fine, Juzo didn’t believe him, but told him to hold out a little longer because the K Group would soon find Mikasa.

Juzo’s resolve began to crumble when Yuichi threatened to break Hyakutaro’s finger, which would eventually affect his basketball game. However, he remained strong and did not press the reject button, causing Yuichi to break Hyakutaro’s finger.

When Juzo apologized, Yuichi threatened to break a few more fingers of his friend until Juzo pressed the button. Juzo exploded at Yuichi, calling him a “scumbag” before Yuichi told him he knew his debt was the reason Group K played the Tomodachi game.


Kei seems a little surprised that Yuichi found out the owner of the debt. One of Yuichi’s greatest strengths is analyzing people by studying their behavior and what they say. Therefore, it is not surprising that he discovered that Giuso was behind the debts. Giuso admits that his family business was in debt, and it was so bad that he would have to drop out of school and work.

But Kay told him that he would help him if he listened to his every word. After this confession, Juzo starts beating Yuichi until Hyakutaro intercepts him. When Juzo asks why he stopped him, considering Yuichi broke his finger, Juzo realizes that he didn’t actually break Hyakutaro’s finger. Yuichi broke his finger. When Juzo asks why Hyakutaro didn’t tell him, Hyakutaro states that it was because Yuichi told him he would let Juzo hit him as hard as Yuichi hit him.

It’s a rare moment that portrays Yuichi’s humane side, given that most of what viewers have seen is a brilliant, if almost deranged man. After Group K leaves, leaving Group C to talk, Yuichi finally tells Maria that he knows she is working with Tomodachi Game management. He tells her to pass on a message to her superiors that he will “crush” them all.

After the Tomodachi game

After the third game, Manabu announces that the fourth game will not start immediately, so he will allow Mikasa and Yuichi to leave until then. That’s as long as they keep Tomodachi’s Game a secret and don’t run away. Both Mikasa and Yuichi return to their school in search of Savaragi to find out the truth and whether she is to blame. However, instead of Savaragi in their class, they find Kokorogi. She informs them that Savaragi and Shibe have disappeared.

The other three

The audience will finally find out what happened to Savaragi, Shibe and Kokorogi when Yuichi and Mikasa were playing the third game. A week earlier, Manabu had told the three that they were allowed to leave temporarily if they didn’t tell anyone about the game and didn’t run away. They agreed before Manabu notified them that their total debt was 10.8 million yen. After they were released, they discovered that their classmates believed that Savaragi had stolen funds for a school trip. This eventually made them targets for mass bullying. Two days after Shibe offered to lend the class 2 million, his father was arrested.