Tommy Wiseau Shared The Trailer For His First Movie “Big Shark” After “Room”.


The director of “Room” Tommy Wiseau shared the trailer of his new movie “Big Shark” — his first film after the cult film of 2003.

The trailer with the eponymous sea creature was released late on Thursday (March 23) — watch it below. In addition to being the sole director of the project, Vaiso also wrote the script and starred in the film. Isaiah Laborde (“City of Bombs”) and Mark Valeriano (“Primeval”) also starred in “Big Shark”.

The trailer relies more on bombastic lyrics and musical drama than anything else, but near the end there is a glimpse of the “Big Shark”- after the audience has been warned, no one can hide from it. The trailer also has a clumsily bolted advertisement for the brand Wiseau TW Underwear.

According to Variety, the plot of the film centers around three firefighters— Georgie, Patrick and Tim— who save New Orleans from a big shark attack.

The publication reports that “Big Shark” will begin its rollout in U.S. theaters on April 2 with its debut screening at Cinema 21 in Portland, Oregon. It is reported that screenings in other US cities will follow in the coming months.

The tentative screening schedule includes Prytania Theaters at Canal Place in New Orleans on April 28 and 29; Balboa Theater in San Francisco on May 5 and 6; Landmark Westwood in Los Angeles on June 2 and 3; and Angelica’s Village East in New York for three nights in August (10, 11 and 12).

It is said that Vaiso plans to appear in person at this first series of his own “Pre Premier” screenings. The release of the roadshow will last approximately eight months, followed by the release of the “Official Final Version” of Big Shark.

It is not yet clear whether the Big Shark or Wiseau “Pre Premier” tour will arrive in the UK.

Recently, Vaiso has been hiding from the radar, but back in 2020, he was ordered to pay more than $700,000 to Canadian filmmakers after trying to sue them for making an unauthorized documentary about “The Room.”


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