Tommy Pham Disqualified for Slapping Jack Pederson


Reds outfielder Tommy Pham will miss the rest of the Giants’ series after attacking San Francisco’s Joc Pederson at practice Friday.

It is reported that Pham hit the Giants slugger due to disagreements over the rules of fantasy football. When Pham confessed to reporters, “I hit Jock. He said that I don’t condone some [expletives]. I had to solve this problem.”

According to Reds reporter K. Trent Rosecrans, “Tommy Pham said he agreed to a 3-game suspension starting Friday night.”

MLB fans reacted to the slap heard around the baseball (and fantasy football) world on Saturday.

“Baseball, like hockey, needs a penalty area,” Jeff Schultz said.

“Oddly enough, now I can’t use Pham in my fantasy baseball team because of the disagreements he had about the fantasy football team,” one user replied.

“Is it worthy of fantasy owners to work in IL?” asked another.

“Consider it addressed.”

“Kill two birds with one stone,” tweeted the Pirates podcaster. “Opposing a fantasy cheater [and] not having to play for the Reds for a few games.”

“Make him use his first—round pick on the kicker,” commented Josh Jongsma.

Definitely one of the most unique MLB suspensions you’ve ever seen.