Tommy François left after allegations of harassment


The French company has been singled out for numerous inappropriate behaviors by its managers over the years. Checkmate, another top Ubisoft executive has left the company after the victims’ voices were raised against their alleged abusers.

This has been confirmed by Yves Guillemot, CEO of the company, through an internal announcement to which Business Insider has had access. This is Tommy François, a manager linked to the Paris editorial team, from whose heads several accusations hung. The executive was on administrative leave while Ubisoft settled his case in an investigation.

“Tommy François has left Ubisoft”, has published the journalist Samuel Horti. “CEO Yves Guillemot told the team earlier this week. François, VP of the editorial team and creative services, was on administrative leave, pending the results of an internal investigation ”related to alleged cases of sexual harassment.

Many moves in the Ubisoft ranks

With this resignation, part of the important figures of the creative teams of the company have been dismissed or have resigned. Serge Hascoët, the most powerful man in Ubisoft after Guillemot, left after serious charges of his behavior. Yannis Mallat (director of the Montreal and Quebec studios), Cécile Cornet (director of human resources and Maxime Béland (creative director of several Splinter Cell games) resigned from their positions, while Ashraf Ismail, already ex-director of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, He left his post when his extramarital affairs were uncovered Stone Public, director of public relations, was fired by Ubisoft after analyzing the results of the internal investigation.

Yves Guillemot, for his part, defended his continuity at the head of the company when a shareholder questioned the way in which he had acted: “Every time we found out about inappropriate behavior, we made tough decisions. We made sure that these decisions were clear and had a positive impact. It has become clear to me that some people betrayed the trust I placed in them, as they did not adhere to Ubisoft’s values. I have never compromised my values ​​or my ethics, I will never do it ”, he said then.


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