Tom Swift: Nancy Drew-Derived Series Commissioned by The CW


Tom Swift: Nancy Drew will win a spinoff series by The CW entitled Tom Swift. The new attraction will star Tian Richards as the billionaire inventor — featured in Season 2 of the original production. The station, however, did not reveal the release date.

The synopsis says the character is “thrown into a conspiracy world of science fiction and unexplainable phenomena after his father’s disappearance. So he will set out to unravel the truth, leaving behind the comfort of his money-laden lifestyle.” In this mission, Tom Swift’s talent will be tested.

The plot will follow the protagonist’s adventures and will address familiar themes from this universe of investigation and mystery, such as science, inventions and technology. In the episode shown in Nancy Drew — which served as a pilot for the new show — the inventor had the help of Barclay, an artificial intelligence (voiced by LeVar Burton) created by him and who accompanies him, serving as his friend and confident.

The project, adapted from the classic books of the same name by Victor Appleton, will be created by Noga Landau alongside Cameron Johnson and will feature a script by Melina Hsu Taylor, showrunner of the original series. In Brazil, the two seasons of Nancy Drew can be watched on Globoplay.