Tom Sandoval “didn’t know” that Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney were on the verge of divorce: “It crushes me”


Viewers of the “Vanderpump Rules” were not the only ones who were surprised by the announcement of the divorce of Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney.

“It’s not easy. For me personally, as a friend, the fact that this is happening crushes me,” the 38—year-old founder of Stryx told us at a gala party in honor of the opening of Lisa Vanderpump’s new restaurant Vanderpump à Paris in Las Vegas on Thursday, April 21. “They seem to be doing pretty well, considering.”

Schwartz, 39, and Maloney, 35, announced their separation after 12 years of marriage in March. A month later, the host of the podcast “You’re gonna love me” filed for divorce.

“It literally, bitch, hit me in the face,” Sandoval told Us about their Instagram statements. “I had no idea. Like, completely knocked the coolness out of my gait.”

Maloney has since revealed that she began to doubt their marriage towards the end “last summer/fall.” At the moment, she has not told Schwartz about her concerns. In the divorce documents, the date of the divorce is indicated as February 12.

“It was one day, I kind of just told him that this is how I felt and didn’t feel very happy. And it was something like, “Let’s maybe try to work on this a little bit.” But I kind of knew it wasn’t the full feel of it all. And then, you know, he just didn’t do anything, like he left town again to do something with Sandoval,” Maloney said on the “We Met at Acme” podcast earlier this month. “And then he left to see his father, which is not his fault. …He didn’t even know what it looked like to work on something. I think in his head [it] was like, “OK, I think it’s going to be a fleeting thing for her.” She just needed to say something.” I think he thought I’d just get over it or something. And then, after a couple of weeks, I decided I wanted to get a divorce.”

However, the former are on good terms, both attend the Vanderpump event on Thursday. “Tom and I have been very supportive of us,” Maloney told us at the Paris facility in Las Vegas. “It was, you know, the best, healthiest, positive thing I could ask for, honestly.”

Meanwhile, Sandoval told us that the situation was “extremely tense” for him and Schwartz as they prepare to open a new Schwartz & Sandy’s restaurant.

“We learned a lot the hard way, which, you know, is funny, when you learn something the hard way, you’ll never forget it,” he told Us. “And I feel like Schwartz and I have really grown as a friendship, but also as a business relationship, and I’m very excited when everything, when it’s going to be open, in about two months.”