Tom Holland Willing To Make A Live Action Jak & Daxter Movie: “I Would Play Jak”


Tom Holland: The famous actor who is about to release his new movie based on the Uncharted video game saga shows interest in another Naughty Dog franchise. Tom Holland, the young actor who has become world famous for playing Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the UCM and who is about to release his new movie Uncharted (based on the popular PlayStation video game saga), has shown interest in starring in a live action adaptation of another well-known Naughty Dog saga such as Jak & Daxter. This has been assured in a recent interview with the GameSpot media, precisely, in full promotion of Uncharted.

A “strange and dark” Jak & Daxter adaptation

Thus, after bringing to the big screen a saga as popular and successful as Uncharted (in which Holland plays a younger version of Nathan Drake), the actor has shown interest in continuing to adapt video games to the cinema. So much so, that he has mentioned another saga of the studio responsible for Drake’s adventures, assuring that he would be interested in making a “strange and dark” version of these characters.

“I would like to do a Jak & Daxter movie, and I would play Jak. But I would do it with A24, so it would be really weird and dark. Yeah, I’d do a really weird live-action adaptation of Jak & Daxter,” Tom Holland said, pointing directly to the lead role in the potential movie. Let’s remember that A24 is a production company with content with a lot of personality; Among his latest works we find After Yang, the next science fiction film with Colin Farrell, or the Euphoria series, starring Zendaya, co-star in his Spider-Man films.

The adaptations of video games to celluloid do not stop happening with continuous premieres and future projects; So much so, that recently Dwayne Johnson assured that this year he would make an announcement for a movie based on a “brutal” video game that he has been playing for years, while the sequel to the Mortal Kombat reboot is already underway.