Tom Holland was not satisfied with his performance


After many problems, with changes in director and delayed recording, the film adaptation of Uncharted had its filming ended. The film hits theaters in February 2022 and will feature Tom Holland as the protagonist.

The actor, who will play a young version of Nathan Drake, talked to GQ and talked about the difficulty of the role. He commented that the bounty hunter needed to be an action hero and not just a nice guy, and that this concern may have affected his performance in the film.

“As soon as you start worrying about things like ‘Am I okay in this scene?’, Acting is no longer just about playing a character,” said Holland. “I think there are elements of my performance on Uncharted where I kind of thought ‘I want this to be my cool moment’. I had to play a very tough and tough guy – basically to be like Mark Wahlberg. My character should be an action hero at this point. Look, I didn’t see how it turned out, so I don’t know if I did it. But it was an important lesson learned ”.

Holland became famous when he entered the MCU as the new Spider-Man. He also commented on this and revealed that during his test to live the hero, he made a little gaffe when he met Robert Downey Jr., because he was very nervous.

“I was obviously nervous. I mean, it would be weird if I wasn’t nervous. Fortunately, something happened that day that loosened the pressure valve in my anxiety. I saw Anthony and Joe [Russo], and then I saw Downey standing there in the casting room. I went there, introduced myself. But, I remember thinking, ‘This is a little weird. He doesn’t look like what he had imagined ‘. Still, I shook his hand, saying, ‘It’s a pleasure to meet you’. I made it very clear that I was excited about the opportunity, how much it meant to me … Well, then a door opens and the real Robert Downey Jr comes in. I was talking to his stuntman all the time! And then, when the real Downey arrived, did I try to be cool and more discreet ?. ”

Holland will play Neighborhood Friend for the sixth – and perhaps last – time in Spider-Man: No Way Home, due to hit theaters on December 17 this year.


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