Tom Holland, ‘The Devil All the Time’


Tom Holland is back on the small screen! Indeed, the interpreter of Peter Parker had a role of choice in a film signed Netflix. The opportunity for you to discover him transformed in “Le Diable, tout le temps”. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

We have the unfortunate tendency to give him only one role … that of Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man. However, Tom Holland has other strings to his bow.

Super hero one day, son of a WWII veteran the next. Some will therefore have difficulty following it! And yet …

This dear Tom Holland: The Devil All the Time is in a horror thriller by Netflix. The latter gives the reply to Robert Pattinson, also present in the casting.

The film tells the story of Willard Russell, who decided to settle in a remote town in Ohio. It was without counting on his ghosts from the past that haunt him.

Other intrigues then mingle in the daily life of Arvin, the son of Willard, played by Tom Holland. His path will cross paths with a sinister priest, a crooked sheriff and a couple of serial killers!


A rather macabre atmosphere, after all, which only darkens the picture of the small town of Knockemstiff. So that’s the stage set in this Netflix production, The Devil, all the time.

Tom Holland himself is not really recovering from this rather bleak experience. It must be said that this is not really his usual register, he who played Spider-Men.

“I was very nervous and scared when I got on set for the first time because I wasn’t sure what it took to play that kind of character,” he told Variety.

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“The challenge for me was to really try to do something new that I hadn’t tried before.” We can therefore say that the bet is successful, as his performance makes him unrecognizable!


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