Tom Holland and Robert Pattinson star in The Devil All …


Tom Holland will hang up the Spider-Man suit to star in “The Devil all the time”, his new movie. The Brit joined forces with Robert Pattinson, both of whom quit their superhero job to immerse themselves in a postwar history.

This project was in charge of Netflix and will show the most dramatic facet of both actors.

Tom Holland’s career had a great boost with his role as “Spider-Man”, but he has shown the talent to work in films of different genres. Robert, who long had the shadow of “Edward Cullen”, gradually begins to say goodbye to the vampire to play other characters.

According to the Entertainment Weekly portal, Tom Holland and Robert Pattinson star in “The Devil all the time”, a Netflix movie based on the book of the same name and whose release is scheduled for September 16 and the first ones have already been announced Photos.

The plot revolves around a group of people who live through the end of World War II, before the United States has an intervention in the warlike conflict. The story is a psychological thriller and Tom played the role of the boy “Arvin Russell”.

In the words of the director, Antonio Campos, both showed a great disposition for their characters, even Tom had a great emotional job to act in the film, for his part, Robert achieved great realism with his performance, he even contributed various ideas.

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“The devil all the time” will arrive this fall on the streaming platform, meanwhile, both continue with their projects as Batman, Spider-Man 3 and The Uncharted. The fans showed their excitement at seeing these two celebs work together.


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