Tom Holland and John Cena in the movie “GI Joe”


A new “GI Joe” movie is being planned, and stars Tom Holland and John Cena could be part of the cast.

An upcoming GI Joe movie looks to add some serious star power to its cast. According to insider Daniel Richtman, a new GI Joe tape is interested in Tom Holland and John Cena for the lead roles.

Richtman revealed on his Patreon that Holland and Cena are listed for Male Lead 1 and Male Lead 2, respectively. What characters they could be is unknown, but it would be interesting to see these stars join the franchise.

This report didn’t reveal if any of the stars have been contacted for roles, so for now, it appears Paramount and Hasbro are simply considering them.

It was not specified which movie it is for, but it seems likely that it will be for the previously announced film centered on GI Joe member Philip “Chuckles” Provost.

Which GI Joe movie could the actors be in?

The only other project announced in the series is the follow-up to Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins, so Holland and Cena are unlikely to appear there as leads.

Cena is the kind of actor you can immediately imagine joining the GI Joe series, but even though he has surprised a lot of people with his work on The Devil All the Time, many fans still can’t imagine Holland getting ready to join. to an elite military unit, with code names like Ripcord, Heavy Duty and Roadblock.

However, it is clear that Paramount hopes that the third and fourth attempts to launch a franchise will be much better than the first two and it will be fascinating to see what they finally come up with.

The history of the famous elite team GI Joe has had several productions in the cinema, and now it is looking for new stars who will manage to make this franchise more popular. Would you like to see Tom and John in these movies?

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