Tom Hiddleston’s engagement ring with Zava Ashton was estimated at $ 150,000


Marvel actor Tom Hiddleston asked Zava Ashton a question with a stunning engagement ring, which, according to British jewelry experts Stephen Stone, is estimated at $ 150,000.

Hiddleston, who usually keeps his personal life a secret, recently revealed that he is happily engaged to Ashton. Steven Stone experts studied a photo of Ashton showing an Edwardian-cut ring and analyzed the style, design and cost.

Tom Hiddleston’s engagement ring is probably valued at $150,000.

Steven Stone’s engagement ring specialist Max Stone examined the ring in the photo. He shared his observations with Showbiz Cheat Sheet in a statement. “With a dazzling diamond in the center that looks like 5 carats, the beauty of the Zawe ring is accentuated by the sparkle around the center stones,” he remarked.

Adding: “The Zave ring has an Edwardian cut, especially popular in the 19th century. They say that this style embodies femininity and romance.”

“With a classic touch and a lot of character, I would value a stunning ring at $150,000 or £125,000,” Stone concluded.

The TV presenter captured a photo of the wedding ring on Instagram

According to the Los Angeles Times, Hiddleston proposed to Ashton in March. And although he didn’t reveal much, he said: “I’m very happy.” Hiddleston co-starred with Ashton in the movie “Betrayal” in 2019.

British TV presenter AJ Odudu photographed a happy couple and a gorgeous wedding ring on Ashton’s finger. “The fun BAFTA moments start with @britishvogue X @tiffanyandco,” she captioned a series of Instagram photos from the event. “Yesterday I needed a drink of Berroc and a hug.”

Some of Odudu’s Instagram followers noticed a ring flash. “I like this ring,” one person commented. Another person wrote: “Looks like fun at a party!!! And you should have fun with Tom Hiddleston and Lucien Lavisconte.”

Tom Hiddleston May Be Engaged, But He’s Not Sharing Anything More Than He’s “Happy” About

Now that Hiddleston has revealed that he is engaged, a source close to actor Loki has told People that the couple are very happy. “They were very private in public, but behind the scenes you could just see the beautiful chemistry,” the insider said. “There were lights in their eyes, and the whole company, including Charlie Cox, was very close.”

“And being British abroad, they often hung out,” the source added. “Zawe and Tom have shown a lot of affection for each other, and you could also notice that it slightly affected their performance on stage.”

“Tom has always been a very, very private person,” the person confirmed. Adding: “backstage they would just be affectionate, hugging, sitting next to each other and holding hands.”

Before buying the stunning engagement ring, Hiddleston talked about privacy in 2017. “Everyone has the right to privacy,” he told The Telegraph. “I like what I do, and I am completely dedicated to creating great works of art and great entertainment, and, in my opinion, I do not contradict these two concepts. My work is in the public sphere, and I have a personal life. And these two things are different.”

Ashton seems to agree with her future husband about her personal life. She didn’t post about the engagement on Instagram and disabled comments on her several posts.