Tom Hardy shared an image where Venom killed Spider-Man


Tom Hardy, the lead actor in the Venom series, shared a new Venom image from his Instagram account. In the image shared by Hardy, it can be seen that Venom eats the notorious enemy Spider-Man.

The first film of Venom, which attracted the attention of the audience, was postponed by Sony due to the coronavirus outbreak in the coming October. Venom: Although Let There Be Carnage’s vision date is until 2021, the star of the movie, Tom Hardy, often shares Venom posts from his social media account to keep interest in the film.

Tom Hardy shared an image from his Instagram account that Venom killed Spider-Man over the past weeks. Hardy deleted the image quickly after sharing it, but thousands of people had already taken a screenshot of this share.

Hardy shared a new image where Venom ‘eats’ Spiderman after the first image Venom smashed Spider-Man. In the image shared by Hardy, Venom’s eating of Spider-Man’s head and the blood scattered around it creates an image that has become quite wild; Just as Venom would like to … However, Hardy would not want such an image to remain on his Instagram account, which he deleted shortly after sharing the image.

Venom’s star Tom Hardy’s sharing of Venom images with Spider-Man ensures that rumors that Spider-Man will appear in Venom movies are revealed. However, Hardy ‘s removal of both images is considered as behavior towards suppressing rumors.

So far, no information has been revealed that Spider-Man will be in the new Venom movie. Although the images shared by Hardy have created a question mark in the minds of the fans, no explanation has been received from the Sony front.