Tom Hardy shared a very limited view of the “Venom 3” script


Although Sony Pictures has previously confirmed that Venom 3 is already in development, Marvel fans now have a new update on the latest installment of the symbiote trilogy after Tom Hardy shared an image of the film’s script, which may indicate that Kelly Marcel has completed the work. this part of the movie.

Marcel worked on both Venom and Venom: May There Be Carnage, sharing screenwriting duties with Jeff Pinkner and Scott Rosenberg in the former, but later taking on this task on her own in the sequel. Despite the fact that the two films received mixed reviews from critics, this did not prevent this part of Sony’s Spider-Man universe from achieving incredible success with the audience, which makes Venom an excellent source of income, unlike Jared Leto’s Morbius, which cannot even catch a break as an Internet meme.

With that in mind, Sony probably has no reason to change things too much, so the story of “Venom 3” will once again be the work of Hardy and Marcel, with the latter writing the script himself in what the actor calls his “Last Dance” as Eddie Brock. Hardy shared the script cover in his Instagram stories, and later posted the same image in his main feed. However, anyone expecting a title will have to wait, as he has covered it up with a cute little symbiote doodle, if there really is a working title at this stage of production.

As usual for an actor, comments on his Instagram posts are disabled, and that’s all about new information about Venom 3. There is no further confirmation of which actors will return or whether Andy Serkis may return as director. While Hardy may be stepping away from the role, as his post suggests, the rest of Sony’s Spider-Man universe is in the pipeline, from Kraven the Hunter and Madame Web to El Muerto starring the musical icon Bad Bunny.

It remains a mystery where Venom’s story might go after meeting Carnage, especially after Cletus Cassidy was killed in the sequel, but there is still some hope that the symbiote will return to the MCU again after Spider-Man: There is No Way Home. A special scene after the credits of Let There Be Carnage. In any case, if the films fail to continue the character’s storyline, Venom will play an important role in Spider-Man 2 after being introduced in the game’s first teaser, and Venom is also a villain in Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

Venom 3 is currently in development at Sony.