Tom Hanks calls Elvis Presley’s room in the jungle of Graceland “a real man’s cave”: Austin Butler’s reaction


Oscar winner and Elvis star Tom Hanks shared his opinion about one of the most iconic rooms in the Elvis Presley Graceland estate. Along with Austin Butler, who plays the king of rock and roll in Baz Luhrmann’s new film, the two men discussed their new film and first project together right in one of Presley’s favorite rooms in Memphis, Tennessee, the residence he called home.

Elvis Presley named his house Graceland?

Graceland Presley has become synonymous with the king of rock and roll. The artist’s beloved home in Memphis, Tennessee, has become a Mecca for music lovers from all over the world. At the residence, fans can see how Presley lived, get close to some of the most famous artifacts from his life and pay homage to his grave in the Meditation Garden. However, Presley was not responsible for the iconic name of the hotel. That honor goes to someone outside of Presley’s inner circle.

Elvis Presley bought Graceland in March 1957 at the age of 22. He bought the house and surrounding plots for 102,500 US dollars, as indicated on the official website of the house.

Elvis Presley was not the man who eventually gave the name Graceland.

According to the official website of the hotel, this honor went to the family of S.E. Tuf.

In 1939, Ruth Brown Moore and her husband Dr. Thomas Moore built a mansion. For generations, this land was part of the family and was eventually named after Dr. Moore’s aunt Grace Tuff.

Tom Hanks calls this iconic Graceland room “the perfect man cave.”

Hanks and Butler spoke to Good Morning America, where they interviewed George Stephanopoulos, Amy Robach and Michael Strahan from Graceland’s “Jungle Room.”

The actor joked, “As Guns ‘N Roses said, ‘Welcome to the jungle room.’

He called this place “the primordial cave of man.” Elvis Presley was the harbinger of what every man wanted; televisions in every room and a human cave in the jungle.

“It has never fallen into disrepair. Like when Elvis was sitting on the couch.”

His statement provoked a reaction from Austin Butler, who laughed during the interview.

Austin Butler said becoming Elvis Presley was “the most frightening thing I’ve ever done.”

Butler shared that portraying the king of rock and roll was “the most frightening thing I’ve ever done.”

“To be honest, I haven’t slept in about two years,” he joked.

Butler also talked about the importance of performing all of Presley’s earliest hits on camera.

“The whole point was to remove the Elvis icon and move on to humanity,” the actor shared.

“That’s what struck me. Music was how he expressed himself. What better way to get to his soul than through music,” he continued.

“It’s so surreal, it’s like a dream,” Butler concluded of his experience working on the film.

Hanks, on the other hand, spoke of Colonel Tom Parker, calling him a “diabolical genius.”

He shared that Priscilla, Presley’s wife, told him that the colonel was “an amazing person.”

She noted: “He lit up every room he entered. He took great care of us, was very polite. He never said no. However, he was not Elvis’ manager. He was Elvis’ promoter.”

Austin Butler is the king of rock and roll when Elvis hits theaters on June 24.