Tom Ellis Shows How He Prepared for Season 6


The popular lead actor of Lucifer, Tom Ellis, has shown all his fans through his social networks, how he is preparing his body for season 6 of the Netflix diabolical drama.

Tom Ellis plays the main character Lucifer Morningstar, so since the show began, he has shown great physical condition, driving some fans crazy.

Now the actor has shown all his followers on his social networks that he is preparing to return to work with his personal trainer.

In his post Tom Ellis wrote, “Getting back to work with @paolomascitti.” This has surprised all his followers, as it could mean that the show will soon resume production of the series.

Let’s remember that the last season of Lucifer, we saw the arrival of God to intervene in the fight that was about to occur between Lucifer’s brother, Michael (played by Ellis himself) and Amenadiel (DB Woodside).

So according to rumors and small fragments that have been revealed of the next season, it seems that there will be a family meeting between all to clarify the differences and solve the problems on earth and in hell.