Tom Ellis ruled out the possibility of a split in his character


Lucifer star Tom Ellis has ruled out returning to the role beyond season six; there has been no further confirmation on whether this could happen or what it could be about.

When producer Ildy Modrovich was asked if they would bring the series back for a spin-off, he stated that they would. But in a recent interview, Tom Ellis revealed that he would not be returning to his role as Lucifer after the sixth season.

Tom Ellis explained that I don’t want to do more. (About going back to Lucifer or a Spin-off.) Mainly because he wants to know it’s ending and because he’s had a great time.

However, Lucifer fans will be delighted to know that there will still be much more of the character before the series ends. Soon, the series will return for the second half of the fifth season with Tom Ellis as Lucifer.

Viewers of Lucifer will be waiting a bit longer for the show’s sixth season, as it is just beginning production now. Tom Ellis has also opened up about the kinds of roles he wants to do after the show.

Tom Ellis stated that he was trained in theater and will always want to go back to his roots because that is what he fell in love with in the first place.

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