Tom Ellis ruins fans in hopes of ending drama


Warner Bros. and Netflix surprised viewers earlier this year by announcing that the Lucifer series would end with a sixth season, unexpected for many fans. The hit Netflix series had everything ready for 5 seasons, but the streaming giant gave it one more life.

Since the urban fantasy drama, loosely based on Neil Gaiman’s Sandman comic book character, has proven to be one of Netflix’s most popular shows, some Lucifer fans are hoping for another surprise revamp.

Amid his thrilling preview of Lucifer’s reunion with God (Dennis Haysbert) and the next round of battle with his devious twin brother, Michael, Ellis confirmed his plans to hang up his wings.

Lucifer actor Tom Ellis explained that six seasons of the show are a real achievement. It’s been a great emotional journey and he doesn’t think he wants to do what I know I no longer want to do.

Lucifer star Tom Ellis revealed that he wants to know what is ending and it stands to reason that we have a fitting ending to the show.

“We want it to have the best ending of all for the fans and then surely it will be time to move on.”

Lucifer showrunners Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson took advantage of the unexpected hiatus to leave the door open for another round of murder mysteries and celestial battles in season six.


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