Tom Ellis pissed off at fake accounts on the networks!


On his Instagram account, Tom Ellis, star actor of the Lucifer series, took a rant against fake accounts on the networks.

Enough is enough ! On social networks, many profiles are hidden under the name of Tom Ellis. Very angry, the star actor of the Lucifer series expressed his fed up on his Instagram account.

It’s no secret that fake profiles are on the rise on social media. Indeed, some are other than virtual robots, programmed to disclose specific messages.

In short, these automated accounts serve to influence debates. Also, to fuel animosity among Internet users. Thus, we call them “bots”.

Others, on the other hand, impersonate famous people. So, public figures, politicians or quite simply famous singers or actors.

Much to the chagrin of Tom Ellis, the star of the hit series Lucifer. In recent months, false profiles have been born with his identity. So they pretend to be the actor and rip off all his fans.

Which is enough to annoy the one who lends his features to the handsome Lucifer. So on his Instagram account, he couldn’t help but give a huge rant.

“I have never used an account other than my official TomEllis17 Twitter account. Or my official Instagram TomEllis, both of which have blue twitches to verify that it’s me, “he recalled first.

Before specifying that he does not have a Facebook, Gmail or Hangouts account. So if someone comes in contact with one of their fans, spoofing their name, they should be reported. And without scruple!


In fact, the Lucifer star has revealed a trick to unmask all these fake profiles, all of whom are called Tom Ellis. If either of them is asking for money, it is definitely a scam.

So while this may seem obvious to some, it is not to others. This is why the handsome actor wanted to remind his entire community.

In fact, Tom Ellis keeps warning his fans! Some time ago, on Twitter, he had already written: “Please do not give money to this fake account. It is not me. ”

And the least that can be said is that the interpreter of Lucifer can count on a good majority of his community. A good number of his fans are declaring war on fake profiles!

“Please folks, don’t be fooled and report the fake profile of Tom Ellis. We don’t let these impostors win! Asked one of his fan accounts.

However, they will never be able to defeat all these fakes with one click. So everyone will need to be extra vigilant and report them whenever they spot one!


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