Tom Ellis makes a beautiful declaration of love for his wife!


Tom Ellis is a great romantic. The Lucifer actor made a beautiful declaration of love to his wife for Valentine’s Day!

Tom Ellis is very romantic. The Lucifer actor posted a cute Valentine’s Day message to his wife.

Very discreet about his private life, the one who plays Netflix’s most coveted devil has decided to make a tender statement to the one he shares in his life. And it’s on Instagram that it’s happening.

The British-accented actor wrote: “Happy Valentine’s Day Moppy Oppenheimer. I love you more day by day. In addition to no cats, ”he wrote.

The beautiful message was accompanied by a previously unseen snapshot of Tom Ellis and his wife. In the photo, in black and white, the couple kiss each other passionately. The photo has therefore been liked by half a million people.

The comments under the cliché fuse since last night. “You are so beautiful”, “all these years of living together and you love each other as on the first day”, “you are so beautiful lovers”, they write.

Very active on social networks, Tom Ellis does not stop posting content on his social networks. The opportunity for Lucifer fans, who are waiting for the broadcast of the second part of season 5 to take their troubles patiently …


Very discreet when it comes to discussing details of his romantic life, the wife of Tom Ellis recently spoke of her meeting with the one who has now shared her life for more than ten years. And the latter is atypical.

“I don’t normally post inspirational messages, but I know a lot of people feel lonely. About 10 years ago I went on a date, I hate it but my mom’s friend insisted, “she started on Instagram. And that’s not all…

“As I expected, I immediately knew that this man was not of interest to me. BUT. The day of the date the guy took me to a party. I happened to meet a girl who I immediately sympathized with, “she continued. And so the fall is not what you think it is.

“So a year later, this second friend told me he wanted to set me up on a date with a friend of his who was in town for a shoot,” she continued. “A few weeks later, so I went to dinner with a friend. And I saw my friend with the guy in question “.

And this guy in question was none other than … Tom Ellis. The young woman therefore fell in love with the actor. And it took a few weeks for them to formalize their relationship.

“In short, we hit it off so quickly that within a week we were practically living together, and now we’re married,” Tom Ellis’s wife concluded on Instagram. Here it is, a beautiful love story.


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