Tom Ellis (Lucifer) wants to fight a reporter


As rumors pour in on the Luficer series, actor Tom Ellis is also being talked about. He wants to do battle with a journalist …

Rumors are rife, about the Lucifer sequel . Yes, the series could then reveal its 6th season. This time, a rumor overwhelms actor Tom Ellis, confuses him with a journalist!

Notice to fans of the Lucifer series : Tom Ellis would then be in the middle of a scramble . Indeed, the star of the show would like to do battle with a journalist!

Piers Morgan, a journalist who did not have his tongue in his pocket at the time. Yes, this one had made a misogynistic to say the least about Daniel Craig.

He had made a rather touching selfie, dating from 2018 and which challenged said Piers Morgan. On it, he posed with his daughter, who was enthroned in baby carrier!

The journalist then called him “emasculated James Bond” , which of course did not please the star actor of Lucifer . This one therefore left in the niche.

After a quarrel on social networks, the journalist then arrested Tom Ellis. “God gave you weapons for a reason Tom – Use them and stop being so lazy,” he said.

“Hey, Piers Morgan, a man carrying his child in such an intimate way is the basic attitude of a father” , first replied Tom Ellis, in response to pique the journalist. Then things quickly got worse.

After a muscular exchange, the main actor of Lucifer retorted: “You are absolutely right” . And to continue thus: “Is it time for a charity boxing match? ” .

“Against you, I mean?” ” , He continues, clearly targeting the journalist. Like what, do better not look for Tom Ellis .

Especially since the Lucifer star seems to hate the toxic masculinity of Piers Morgan to the highest degree.


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