Tom Ellis (Lucifer) Super Podcast Boosts Black Folx!

In his Instagram feed, Tom Ellis (Lucifer) shared a clip from the Black Folx podcast that he particularly likes.

The super podcast Black Folx can count on its biggest fan: Tom Ellis, the star of the Lucifer series. In his Instagram feed, he advertised them.

Raising the voice of black people is the goal of the Black Folx podcast. Indeed, this show is committed to amplifying the stories and experiences of these people.

So, an episode comes out every Wednesday. At the moment, few people know this podcast yet. So, Tom Ellis wanted to highlight it.

So, it was in his Instagram feed that Tom Ellis mentioned Black Folx. He explained to his followers why this was important.

“This week on @blackfolx, the speaker, host and an ‘Edutainer,’ George Lee (@theconsciouslee) joins BKG on the show,” he said first.

Then the Lucifer star continued, “To discuss their favorite black authors, the impact of black educators in classrooms, and the nuances of the cancellation culture. ”

“George is a powerful voice. It’s definitely worth following his IG for his insightful and poignant videos on race, gender, sexuality and more, ”continued Tom Ellis.


It must be said that Tom Ellis loves stories. Indeed, the actor loves to hear about the experiences of others.

How he loves to tell his own. Besides, his wife too! It was on Twitter that she recounted her meeting with Tom Ellis.

“I went out to dinner with a friend and, by pure coincidence, my friend was sitting across the restaurant with the guy he tried to hook me up with,” she said.

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Of course, the evening did not end there. “So the guy asked me to have a drink with them.” They’ve never left each other since.



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