Tom Ellis (Lucifer) receives a message from DB Woodside!


Tom Ellis and DB Woodside very close! The two brothers in Lucifer are also very good friends on social networks!

They don’t always get along in Lucifer, but they get along very well in real life: Tom Ellis and DB Woodside are great friends! They publish a very nice photo on Insta…

Because since the beginning of the series, they seem very complicit on the screen and off. Amenadiel certainly seems the complete opposite of Lucifer. But over the seasons, the bond between the two grows stronger …

Until this season 5, where Lucifer and Amenadiel become very close. Complementary, they support each other in the face of Michael … But the bond exists in the daily life between Tom Ellis and DB Woodside!

During the filming of seasons 5 and 6, the actors often appear to be accomplices. Having fun or laughing, they made fans want to follow the rest of the series… But they have to wait!

Tom Ellis and the cast had to stop filming because of the coronavirus. But they were able to resume, the shooting of season 5 has just finished … And the actors are therefore posted on Instagram!


We thus discover the two “brothers” very accomplices. The actor of Lucifer has indeed just celebrated his 42 years on November 17 … The opportunity for Amenadiel to wish him. But not just anyhow!

It sends a wonderful message to “Tom Ellis, the human being.” Because “we could talk about this unlikely year, your fantastic acting skills or this body that you continue to build” …

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But no, DB Woodside wants to pay homage to “the man”. “Thank you for everything you do to make this world a better place (…) you inspire me. Thank you for all these great moments spent with you. ”

A magnificent tribute from one actor to another, from one “brother” to another… So we await the answer from Tom Ellis, on July 25, for the birthday of the Angel Woodside!


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