Tom Ellis (Lucifer) harvests a small fortune for Australia!


Lucifer season 5 is in full preparation on Netflix. Tom Ellis has called for donations for the fires in Australia!

Tom Ellis is filming season 5 of Lucifer and fans can’t wait to see him again on Netflix. In addition, the actor is very active in collecting donations for Australia.

In a few months, Lucifer fans will be able to see season 5. This season will mark the end of the story of the devil and Chloe. Over the seasons, fans have fallen in love with the character of Tom Ellis. So, they all look forward to finding the actor in the next episodes . Besides, the latter is still in the middle of filming episodes.

Netflix has announced that season 5 of Lucifer will be cut in two parts. Thus, fans will be able to fully enjoy the last episodes of the series. For his part, Tom Ellis has a busy agenda. In addition to taking care of the series, the actor does everything to collect donations for Australia. For several weeks, the country has been ravaged by flames and the actor wants to be very committed. Besides, he has already managed to have a lot of money!

Like many stars, Tom Ellis feels concerned about the fires in Australia. Much of the flora and fauna has disappeared due to the fires. Everyone is worried and the stars are asking for donations. In addition, Lucifer’s actor and his partner, Meaghan Oppenheimer launched a donation campaign on the GoFundMe site. The two stars launched the campaign on January 6 and they wanted to have $ 20,000. Nevertheless, they exceeded this amount!

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Tom Ellis is a great success and his fans are generous with his call for donations. In fact, it has been three weeks since he launched the campaign and he has raised a lot of money. On the site, we can see that the prize pool exceeds $ 88,560. All the money raised will go directly to WIRES Wildfire Rescue, an association that helps wild animals in Australia. The actor of Lucifer is very happy to see that his campaign arouses so much interest.


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