Tom Ellis (Lucifer) class in a tuxedo on the set of the series!


Tom Ellis is an actor who has class in all circumstances. The hunk from the Lucifer series posted a photo in a tuxedo.

Tom Ellis has seen his popularity skyrocket since viewers discovered him in the Lucifer series. Not long ago, the latter posted a photo where he wears a tuxedo.

Very active on social networks, the British actor regularly posts photos on the set of the Netflix series. This is a unique opportunity for fans to hear from Tom Ellis.

As Season 5 of the event series airs on Netflix, the actor is working hard on Season 6. And it was Tom Ellis himself who announced it.

Indeed, as a caption to the photo of the actor, who wears a tuxedo, he wrote this. “I love the costume I’m wearing from distefanoitaly on the set of Lucifer season 6.”

We can therefore conclude that the shooting of season 6 has resumed, and he is therefore trying to catch up. With the Covid-19 crisis, the filming of Netflix series has taken a long time to come.

And the Lucifer series has not been spared. Because of this delay, the second part of season 5 of Lucifer with Tom Ellis will be released a few weeks late.


A few days ago, Tom Ellis got carried away on social media, following some fan accounts masquerading as him. The young man had therefore spoken in order to restore the truth.

“I’ve said it once before but I’m saying it one last time because apparently people are still getting screwed. I have never used accounts other than my official accounts such as Twitter (TomEllis17). Or Instagram (OfficialTomEllis) “. Indeed, for several months, the actor has been the victim of identity theft.

“I don’t have any other private accounts. I do not have facebook. Gmail, AOL. Or even Yahoo. I have never used something called ‘Hangouts’. Plus, I have never communicated privately online with anyone I don’t know in real life, “he said.

Tom Ellis is very active on Instagram, so don’t count on him to be on any other social network. The family man who plays Lucifer is adamant about it, and he wants his fans to be careful.

The actor therefore called on his fans to be vigilant and not send money to people who pretend to be him. “Please friends, don’t be fooled and report the fake profile of Tom Ellis. We don’t let these impostors win! », He concluded.


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