Tom Ellis claim, from the 6th season of the Netflix series


The protagonist of the hit Netflix series “Lucifer” makes strong claims during filming, find out who and why

Reclamación de Tom Ellis, desde la 6ta temporada de la serie de Netflix(INSTAGRAM)

We know well that Tom Ellis, who plays the more beloved than feared “Lucifer”, is not a celebrity who escapes the problems of the society in which he lives.

The talented and well-regarded 41-year-old actor has convictions and with every opportunity he gets, he demonstrates them for his more than eight million followers on social media.

It turns out that, this past Monday, it once again took advantage of the strong diffusion it has, as well as the great reach it can handle in the general audience, to express a strong claim since the filming of the sixth season of the hit Netflix series: “Lucifer”.

Under the following statement, he expressed his feelings: “And as many people like to remind me that I am just an actor … Why does the president who is in charge of everything not take the same, if not more, the same precautions?” , closed his message, which went directly to the president of the United States, who, last week was infected by the dangerous and famous virus that has most of us isolated inside our homes, and after spending the weekend in a hospital, he returned to the White House and showed without any regret, how he abruptly removed his mask.

Fact, which caused Ellis to look furious and decide to put out everything he had to say regarding the action of his nation’s president: “This is what we have to wear in Lucifer to get back to work as safely as possible during this So real pandemic … and we do the test every day … and we have to maintain social distance “, published the Welshman next to his image covered by a large mask and wearing his respective mask.

Likewise, we know well that Ellis usually expresses his ideals on social networks and it is not the first time that he criticizes the boss of the country, let’s remember once in 2019, that he was asked (Lucifer himself) what hell would be like, what the actor instantly replied that “it would be opening the door of the White House right now.”

The Welshman showed his anger because, in the filming of the series “Lucifer”, all preventive measures are strictly followed in the face of the global health contingency, since his return to the set, at the end of September, after having been paused thanks to the same cause.

For his part, Joe Henderson, who is the co-showrunner, confirmed yesterday afternoon, that the filming of the fifth season could already be completed and that they have already started filming the sixth, and what seems to be the last part. of history.

It should be noted that “Lucifer” was one of the many series that was affected by the contingency, so it paralyzed the production of its new season in March, the blockage generated forced to stop filming on set, in order to avoid any risk of contagion.

However, the team and the cast took into account the necessary safety and prevention protocols, so they returned to resume recording work with the purpose of bringing the new installment to the screens of Lucifer fans.

The fifth season of Lucifer, reached the fans of the series with the fight between the twin brothers Lucifer Morningstar and Michael, now with Lucifer in hell and Michael on earth, a tough battle has been unleashed.

And now with the news that it is already in the beginning of the filming, the fans are anxious, because everything seems to indicate that it will be the last part of the story.

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