Tom Cruise’s Deepfakes went viral on TikTok


Since last Tuesday (23), Tom Cruise has been successful with videos posted on TikTok, in which he appears in different situations. With that, thousands of fans of the actor started following the account thinking it was himself, but in reality it is a deepfake of the Hollywood star, according to The Daily Beast.

In the viral videos, the star (or a fake version of him) from films like Mission Impossible and Top Gun appears telling about a meeting with former Soviet Union leader Mikhail Gorbachev, playing golf and even doing magic with a coin (see below) , in addition to giving his characteristic laugh.

Despite the huge resemblance to real life Cruise, the publication points out some brands that help identify the fake video posted on the Chinese app. One is the size of the actor, who in the deepfake version is taller than the real one. The more youthful appearance (he is currently 58 years old) and the different voice also caught the attention of analysts.

Posted by the profile @deeptomcruise, which already has more than 226 thousand followers to date, deepfakes have accumulated millions of views and a huge amount of comments. Asked by the vehicle about a possible violation of the terms of use of the service with the posting of the manipulated videos, the Chinese platform did not respond.

Video manipulation

The fake Tom Cruise is just one of many examples of what deepfake technology can do. This technique started to gain prominence in 2017 on Reddit, when several fake videos promoted by followers of then American President Donald Trump went viral on the social network.

Using a facial recognition program and artificial intelligence systems known as variational auto-encoders (VAEs), it is possible to exchange the face of the real person, who appears in the video, for any other image, manipulating the video to generate very realistic results such as those seen in these shared montages via TikTok.


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