Tom Cruise’s best shooter is ahead: Maverick soared past the $1 billion mark, future box office competitor Chris Hemsworth showed the film a lot of love


Tom Cruise and Top Gun: Maverick received a huge honor, as the extremely successful historical quel crossed the $1 billion mark. For the first time in Cruise’s career, the actor has overcome this modern mark of success, and it’s time to celebrate. No one knew this better than Chris Hemsworth, the star of the upcoming movie “Thor: Love and Thunder,” as he showed great love for his future box office rival.

While the competition will definitely be up in the air, as Hemsworth’s latest Thor movie opens in early July, that doesn’t mean he’s a bad player. This is especially true when you consider that Top Gun 2 was directed by its Spiderhead director Joseph Kosinski.

Yes, it’s a dumb Scandinavian god that we love and rattle. Taking a silly airplane pose under a Top Gun: Maverick poster, Chris Hemsworth proves he has the enthusiasm you need to play in the Marvel cinematic universe. This is a relative contrast to Hemsworth’s cool premiere look “Thor: Love and Thunder,” since a man can really do both. Plus, as we pointed out earlier, the carefree nature that the actor tends to brag about from time to time is always a pleasure.

While history was being made, Top Gun: Maverick failed to break into the top slot, as some predicted. It was a hell of a dogfight, as Elvis was leading the box office this weekend by a small margin. Baz Luhrmann’s biopic grossed $31.1 million, which barely surpassed Tom Cruise’s $29.6 million. A small price to pay, if you think about it, since the release of “Memorial Day” was crushing, but did not regain the first place, which gave Tom Cruise his most successful film.

The box office of the pandemic era has not seen such successful hits as “Best Shooter: Maverick”, so naturally there is something to celebrate. Chris Hemsworth’s good craftsmanship only underscores that celebrities are just as excited to be back in the movies as we are. If luck smiles on this person, perhaps “Thor: Love and Thunder” will be one of the next films to join the $1 billion club. It would definitely make the hard effort to shoot Hemsworth’s ass even more worthwhile.

The need for speed is still relevant in the cinema nearest to you, since Top Gun: Maverick is still shown in the cinema. “Thor: Love and Thunder” will be the last upcoming Marvel movie in theaters when it’s released on July 8. So you, Disney+ subscribers, still have time to return to the previous adventures of Thor.