Tom Cruise jumps off a mountain on a paraglider for a wild mission: impossible 8 trick


New filming photos from “Mission Impossible 8” show Tom Cruise’s latest stunt, which involves paragliding from the top of a mountain. After the success of Mission Impossible: Aftermath, it was announced that Cruise would return in two more films in the franchise, directed by Christopher McQuarrie. The partnership between Cruise and McQuarrie helped the series reach a new level, literally and figuratively. Mission impossible. Fallout became the highest-grossing part of the franchise in 2018, and was also recognized as the best film from the Mission Impossible series. The first trailer for “Mission Impossible: Payback for Death, Part One” indicates that both may change.

Despite the fact that there are almost two years left before the release of Mission Impossible 8, also known as Mission Impossible — Payback for Death, Part Two, the excitement about the two-part franchise finale is incredibly great. Viewers are very curious to see how the film reportedly ends Cruise’s time as Ethan Hunt. However, even more intrigue is caused by the tricks that he will perform. “Mission Impossible 7” includes many notable episodes of action movies that Cruz practically shot, including those involving trains and dirty motorcycles. The stunts for “Mission Impossible 8” have so far been a little more secretive due to the film’s production schedule.

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Thanks to new photos from the Daily Mail shootings, it was possible to take a look at Cruz’s latest wild trick for Mission Impossible 8. The photos show Cruz paragliding from the top of a mountain in England. There are a few photos of him in flight, but mostly they show him landing safely on the ground and returning to the helicopter for another jump. How the paragliding scene fits into the story of Mission Impossible 8 is unknown.

Tom Cruise, 60, parachutes down a MOUNTAIN while shooting riskier scenes for “Mission Impossible 8”

— Daily Mail Celebrity (@mailceleb) July 28, 2022

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The paragliding stunt for “Mission Impossible 8” is the last aerial episode that Cruise has been involved in throughout the franchise. Earlier, he climbed the tallest building in the world for a Mission: impossible – The Phantom Protocol. Cruz then attached himself to the side of a real airplane for Mission Impossible- Rogue Nation. One of the most iconic stunts in the entire franchise appeared in “Mission Impossible: Fallout” when he made a real parachute jump. The trailer for “Mission Impossible: Payback for Death, Part One” also showed Cruz riding his bike off a cliff and falling to the ground below. Other “Mission Impossible 8” shooting photos also show a stunt in which Ethan Hunt is hanging on a smaller plane.

Despite the fact that many details about “Mission Impossible 8” still remain a secret, such photos from the set will only increase the excitement of the audience. Cruz is doing everything possible to make the film, which could be his last film in the franchise, the best and most exciting possible. Thanks to the incredible response to “Best Shooter: Maverick”, moviegoers now have even more confidence that “Cruise” will bring something special. He’s paragliding down the mountain in these “Mission Impossible 8” photos teasing how far he’s willing to go.


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