Tom Cruise is planning a musical with “Mission Impossible 7” director Christopher McQuarrie


Tom Cruise is an outstanding actor, known all over the world as the action star of his generation. he also shot his recent sequel to Top Gun, Maverick, which grossed over a billion and continues to grow at the global box office.

But what’s next for such a star — when he’s over 60, Cruz is looking for projects that maybe strain his knees a little less and test his acting abilities a little more, and he’s doing it with the writer/director of the last four missions. : Impossible Records, Christopher McQuarrie next to him. Deadline reports that they have a planned line-up together, not the least of which is that a couple of them are eyeing the musical and will probably bring back the head of the Tropic Thunder Cruise studio, Les Grossman.

Cruz and McQuarrie looked at the “Mission Impossible” post together, because judging by the latest photos, they have already started working on the eighth part. They are interested in life after espionage, and they continue to talk about three projects. The first is Cruise’s space sci—fi thriller, which McQuarrie is producing and will use Elon Musk’s Space X technology to bring it to fruition. The next one is a musical that Cruz wants to make, eager to try himself in this genre again after his less-than-stellar debut in Rock of Ages. The last one was something involving the monstrous producer Cruz from Tropic Thunder, Les Grossman.

Tom Cruise has shown that he has all the right moves for a musical, whether it’s his toe-sliding in “Risky Business” or his dancing in the end credits of “Tropical Thunder.” There, Cruz as Les Grossman, dressed in a suit that makes him look like Tom Cruise in a thick suit, shakes his money maker in the end credits, rattling gold chains, the rumble of loot to the beat of Ludacris’ song “Come Back.”

It’s also not the first time Cruz has sung on screen, as he was the main rocker at the center of the comedy musical “Rock for Ages,” which came and went without much fanfare in 2012. All of this means that Cruise has the preparation to take on whatever role he and McQuarrie have prepared, but he may still wish he was hanging off an airplane or climbing the Burj Khalifa again, as he did in Mission Impossible when critics and theater the fans took possession of him. Regardless of whether any of these projects come to fruition, Cruz is brave enough to take them on.


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