Tom Clancy’s The Division is now free!


Tom Clancy’s The Division game has become free for PC players. The game was released in 2016 and crowned its success by selling over 10 million in the world bride. At this point, it is quite remarkable that the game became free.

Tom Clancy’s The Division was free

It is worth remembering that the standard version of the game is free, so the version without extended packages (DLC) has been offered to us free of charge. You know, while the frenzy of free game distribution continues with the breeze of Epic Games, now we see Ubisoft. Game platforms that make popular and popular games free are also appreciated at this point.

The game also draws attention with its story setting. A global epidemic is described in the game in New York City. It is worth noting that the game, which offers an open world, offers multiplayer features. At the same time, The Division, which offers a satisfying experience on the visual side, was appreciated by the players.

The description of the game says:

During Black Friday, a devastating epidemic is sweeping New York City. Public services are crumbling one by one. Food and water shortages will drive the city into chaos in a matter of days. At this very moment, the autonomous unit The Division, consisting of tactical agents, comes into play. These agents, who normally seem to live ordinary lives in society, are actually trained to act independently to save society when necessary.


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