Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad, Released for Free


Ubisoft has released Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad, a new mobile game where we will create elite soldier teams and enter 5v5 battles. The game can be downloaded for free on both Android and iOS.

Ubisoft, the developer of many popular game series such as Watch Dogs, Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, offered its newest mobile game Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad free of charge to all mobile gamers on both iOS and Android platforms.

In Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad, which looks like a production that will be appreciated by gamers in terms of graphics, you collect the best and iconic characters against a new danger threatening the world and fight against enemies with your own elite soldier team.

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad continues 5v5 combat with your elite soldier midwife
The size of Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad, where you will participate in 5v5 conflicts in different locations as a commander, varies according to the device downloaded on the Android version, while it occupies 204.8 MB in iOS, excluding in-game downloads.

The game with 16+ age limit; It supports all versions of Android 5.0, iOS 13.0 and later. If you want to download Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad to your Android device, you can click here or here if you want to download it to your iOS device.

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad trailer


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