Tom Brady Honestly Confessed to NFL Future Past 2022


After briefly retiring after the 2021 season, Tom Brady returned and promised to spend at least one more season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

After the upcoming season, Brady’s future in the NFL remains a mystery.

“When you’re 25, it’s very easy to figure out what you want to do next year,” Brady told NBC ProFootballTalk. “It’s very difficult when you’re 43 or 44, because there are many other things that are urgent, and many other things that are really important in your life, for example, your children and your wife, and different relationships, and things are always taken away. the back seat is for football. That’s how it went for me. So it’s difficult. I have to work through these things. This is part of what is difficult in what is happening in your life, in the various decisions you make. I have a wonderful life, I’m not complaining about it, I’m just trying to do my best.”

Brady, who turns 45 in August, will become the oldest active player in the NFL.

“When the football season starts, I think everyone knows that it’s 100 percent football, and that’s just who you have to be, and that’s a big commitment. And to play in every match, you need to train very hard, so I have to train very hard at 44, and this is a big commitment,” he added. “It’s not what it was when I was 25. I don’t think any of us feel 25. Fortunately, there are times when I’m happy that I’m not 25, but there are other times when I wish I was 25. I have a very complicated, complicated life in different aspects, and I’m just trying to navigate it as best I can.”

Last season, Brady had 5,316 yards passing and 43 touchdowns en route to the NFC South title.

Brady is waiting for another season in Tampa Bay. Given his indecision at the start of this offseason, it’s fair to assume that even the greatest QB himself doesn’t know if he’ll be back in 2023.