Tom Brady has made an official decision to return to training


Tom Brady is officially back in Tampa Bay.

The Buccaneers quarterback returned to the team on Monday after leaving a few weeks ago for personal reasons. He is also expected to train with his teammates.

This will allow Brady to return to the ranks, especially since the regular season starts in three weeks. Since he left, Blaine Gabbert has taken over the starter’s representatives.

There’s also a chance he’ll play in the Bucks’ preseason finale against the Indianapolis Colts on Saturday. He could get a series or two and then leave for the evening.

Brady completed a successful 2021 campaign in which he threw for 5,316 yards and completed 43 touchdowns, and completed 67.5% of his passes.

The Bucks will open the season on September 11 against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday Night Football.


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