Tom Brady Announces Decision to Work on FOX This Season


It is understood that Tom Brady will immediately join FOX as their chief color commentator once his NFL career is over. But what are his plans in case his career ends a little earlier, for example, if he misses the playoffs or crashes for a year?

In an interview with Variety, Brady answered a question about the early start of his career on the air with a decisive “No.” He made it clear that this year he will focus on football.

—No,” Brady said. “I want to focus on football. I really want to dedicate this year to being the best I can be.”

Given that it is still unclear whether the 2022 NFL season will be his last year on the team, an answer should be expected. Brady undoubtedly wants to keep the opportunity to return to the NFL in 2023.

Of course, it’s also possible that Brady just doesn’t want to comment on games he missed the opportunity to participate in.

Tom Brady is ready to become one of the highest paid TV presenters in the history of sports media.

But with his high-profile status and connections, it is likely that he will quickly find his niche in this role. Whether he will become as good a commentator as Tony Romo remains to be seen.

One thing is for sure, Tom Brady won’t be leaving the NFL for a very long time.