Tom Brady Admits He Can “Do a Better Job” by Spending More Time with His Family in the Offseason


Balancing it all. After completing his short retirement, Tom Brady spoke about his consistent attempts to give his all on the field and at home.

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“A lot of decisions were made and all that. I think the point is that you really have to pay for everything — choose one thing and not the other. I just have to make sure I have everything balanced the way I need it,” Brady, 44, told Us Weekly exclusively on Tuesday, June 14, promoting his partnership with Hertz. “So I think for me it’s just a matter of confidence in the off-season, I try to cover a lot of things and make sure a lot of things are taken care of. And then, when the football season comes, I can really focus on football.”


The athlete noted that he is still working to find support for his loved ones, adding: “[During] the off-season, my family has a lot of time. I liked it. I can still do it better. It’s just a constant striving to be a little better every day.”

The California native, who has a son Benjamin, 12, and daughter Vivian, 9, with his wife Gisele Bundchen, told how his family spends time together.

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“That’s the thing, we don’t need to do much. I think it’s not about where we’re going. It’s just all of us,” Brady, who also has a son Jack, 14, with ex—girlfriend Bridget Moynahan, told us. “My son was on a school trip to Italy, and if someone asks, ‘Which trip to Italy did you like the most?’, I would name the time when I was in the car with my two sons.”

He continued, “They fought in the car for five days in a row. And every time I got in the car, I thought, “What’s wrong with you? Small animals.” It was so sweet. This is what I remember more than anything else in the world, more than visiting the Colosseum or some restaurant – the time spent together in the car. So as long as we’re all together, I’m pretty cool.”Tom Brady Stephen Senn/AP/Shutterstock

Earlier this year, Brady made headlines when he announced his retirement from the NFL after 20 years as a professional quarterback. Six weeks later, the footballer confirmed his plans to return to the game.

“The last two months I realized that my place is still on the field, not in the stands,” he wrote on Twitter in March. “That time will come. But it’s not now. I love my teammates and I love my supportive family. They make it all possible. I’m going back to my 23rd season in Tampa. Unfinished business of LFG”.

According to Brady, he is still working on setting boundaries when it comes to his commitment to his career. “I don’t think it’s always the most useful. So I think this is something I need to work on,” he added. “I don’t have any special compromises when it comes to football. I think making sure my stress is important because when I’m stressed, it affects everyone around me. It’s something I won’t miss. I won’t miss the daily stress when everything is ready.”

For now, Brady is focused on working with Hertz to help customers share their “Let’s Go!” moments.

“I’ve had a lot of [Let’s Go] moments over the years. I think 22 seasons in football and 22 off-seasons keep me on my toes. So I feel that the offseason is busier at the moment than the seasons,” he clarified. “Most of the time I’m just trying to get back to that season when life gets a little more normal. I don’t have to travel so much, [and] everything becomes a little more routine. But I love spending time with my family in the off-season. My kids are getting a little older, and obviously when the football season starts, he gets very busy just with football.”

With a report by Cristina Garibaldi