Tom and Jerry create a unique duo in MultiVersus


Duets in fighting games and fights are not new, but they offer a unique dynamic that other game characters cannot bring to their loneliness. Nevertheless, Tom and Jerry from MultiVersus stand out from all other duos in that they have, perhaps, a very unusual set of movements for the genre. Warner Brazzers.’ The iconic cat and mouse join the list of many other classic characters from its extensive library of movies, cartoons and other materials, and even among these fighters they are the only duo available — at least until the new Multiverse fighters are announced.

However, according to the Tom and Jerry canon, it seems that the couple cannot forget about their differences as they continue to beat, cheat and turn on each other. Officially described by MultiVersus as “sworn enemies”, unlike other duos of fighters such as Rosalina and Luma, the Duck Hunting Duo, or even Ren and Stimpy, Tom and Jerry play as if they are actually only fighting each other, and other characters are just randomly fighting each other. get in their way. Compared to other famous fighting duos, this makes Tom and Jerry one of the most unique duos that exist in fights.

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How other fighting duos work

Traditionally, fighting duets arise from two characters who complement each other or rarely meet separately. In the example with Ren and Stimpy, it would be unusual to show one as a fighter and the other not. In other examples, such as Rosalina and Luma, although the two characters were loosely related, Rosalina could easily have appeared as a lone fighter, but since Nintendo combined them, this gives the fighter a unique advantage, for example, Luma is the center of certain attacks. . The degree of development of these duets varies from game to game, from duet to duet, but they are usually considered balanced.

However, regardless of where these duets come from, their sets of movements are usually based on their canons and correspond to their personalities. For example, Rosalina relying on Lum to help her could be a callback for Super Mario Galaxy, while Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl developer Ludosity confirmed that when developing Ren and Stimpy’s moves, he wanted to channel their personalities. But at the heart of these duets, their movements and gameplay are focused on working together, whether it’s helping to complete stages or opposing other fighters.

Tom and Jerry stand out

As mentioned above, Tom and Jerry’s moves are not meant to help each other fight other opponents. Instead, in keeping with the typical cat-and-mouse stereotype, Tom is constantly chasing Jerry around the stage, and their movements revolve around one attacking the other. Whether it’s Tom brandishing a hammer or frying pan in front of Jerry-inspired rockets, Tom seems to be fighting Jerry rather than other fighters. Unlike other duet fighting moves that work together, Tom and Jerry do the exact opposite. Hence, their appearance in Multiverse is a refreshing change compared to Tom and Jerry: Joyful Interaction.

This not only puts Tom and Jerry in the spotlight compared to other iconic fighting duos, but also fits perfectly into their canon. When this pair is just one of many in Multiverse, the depth of description and attention to detail demonstrate the attention that Player First Games has taken. Looking at other fighters, it’s easy to see evidence of careful consideration of each design, for example, Ultra Instinct Shaggy or Velma’s “I lost my glasses” trope. Therefore, it is not surprising that Tom and Jerry were ahead of other fighting duets, even if it was only due to a slight reworking of the usual duet format.

MultiVersus is already available in open beta on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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