Tokyo Olympics May Have Typhoon And High Temperatures


Tokyo Olympics: Scheduled for this Friday (23), the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Tokyo could be affected by the passage of a typhoon, according to Japanese meteorologists. The event, starting at 8:00 am (GMT), has already had to undergo several changes due to the new coronavirus pandemic.

Since the last 14th, the Japanese Meteorological Agency (JMA) has been monitoring an area of ​​low pressure formed in the region of Micronesia. The system, initially classified as Fabian tropical depression, evolved into a tropical storm on Sunday (18), dubbed In-fa.

Moving towards the north, it gained strength on Tuesday (20) and formed an “eye”, starting to be called Typhoon In-fa. Classified as category 1, with winds of up to 120 km/h, the phenomenon approached the island of Okinawa this Wednesday (21), impacting the weather in the southern region of Japan.

According to the website, the typhoon has changed its trajectory towards the west, but it could still impact the Japanese capital. Keeping an eye on the weather forecast, the Tokyo Olympics organizing committee stated that it is monitoring the weather conditions and will issue a statement if there is a risk for the event to take place.

Spot temperature records

In addition to Typhoon In-fa, which can generate waves up to 3 meters high, thrilling surfers, the heat will also be highlighted during the coming days in Japan. According to the Independent, competitions in Tokyo may be marked as the “Hottest Olympic Games in History”.

With a growth three times greater than the global average, the temperature of the Japanese capital has increased by 2.9°C since 1900. The publication also recalls that the city has a history of heat waves in July, as in 2018, when thermometers reached over 40ºC there.

The forecast is for an average temperature of 31ºC for the first days of the Olympics, with high levels of humidity and the possibility of storms.


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