Tokyo Ghoul: fans ask for anime return on social media


Recently, Tokyo Ghoul fans have moved to social media asking for the return of the anime. The original production debuted in 2014, based on the manga of the same name by Sui Ishida, with the development of four derived series. The last one was released in 2018 over 24 episodes.

In addition to the manga and anime, the plot was also adapted for cinema in a live-action version. The first film hit theaters in 2017, while Tokyo Ghoul S premiered in 2019. Thus, it can be said that regular viewers of the plot are orphaned by news.

It is worth mentioning that, last year, the original creator of the plot provoked the audience with the possibility of creating a new anime series. Some fans argued, through Twitter, that the manga deserved a new adaptation for its quality.

Others recalled the case of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, a new version of the anime with greater fidelity to the original story of the manga and without the infamous filler episodes – which, in some way, only serve to plug holes and do not add anything to the narrative.

Tokyo Ghoul: anime series presents narrative full of ghastly situations

The Tokyo Ghoul plot features student Ken Kaneki, who on a certain day discovers he has been contaminated by a creature known as a ghoul. Although they are very similar to humans, they feed on living bodies.

Thus, the protagonist is now a hybrid being and must also feed on human flesh to survive. At the same time, Ken must learn to live with a new world of possibilities that opens up before his eyes, presenting dangers and criminal factions.

In Brazil, the first film in the series can be watched on Netflix.