“Toilet Paper” Passed Bitcoin


CoinMarketCap, one of the largest cryptocurrency platforms in the world, made a special preparation for today. CoinMarketCap users now see Toilet Paper Token, not Bitcoin, in the first place when they visit the site.

Zero Coin
When we enter CoinMarketCap, we are accustomed to seeing Bitcoin at the top. But today it is different, today is a special day … When we enter CoinMarketCap today, we see the token of the toilet paper, one of the most popular products of recent times.

With a market value of $ 85 billion and a price of $ 1.64, Toilet Paper Token is currently out of stock. Meanwhile, the 24-hour trade volume of Toilet Paper Token surpasses both BTC and USDT at $ 41 million.

Toilet Paper Token
According to the information shared by CoinMarketCap, people who buy Toilet Paper Token actually buy the privilege of buying toilet paper. As the toilet paper is sold scrambling, it is out of stock. But when the stocks are renewed, toilet paper will be sold to the owners of this token first.

In this way, people will be able to buy toilet paper in a very normal way without fighting each other in the markets and without having to flock to the market. Would it be a better use than this?

Those who want to buy Toilet Paper Tokens will be able to invest in this token as of April 1, and use toilet paper freely during these Coronavirus days.


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