When the toilet paper is finished, the robot will reach the rescue


Toilet paper manufacturer Charmin will showcase the future toilet technologies at CES 2020. A new robot introduced by the company will help prevent bad scenarios when toilet paper runs out.

The need for technology is increasing day by day and the robots are getting ready to enter our toilets. Toilet paper maker Charmin will introduce Rollbot, which connects to your phone via bluetooth at CES 2020, which will start in Las Vegas, and brings you directly to your aid when you run out of toilet paper.

It is not known how a bear-faced robot without arms or hands can pick up a new roll of toilet paper from the closet and open the toilet door to bring the roll. However, Rollbot will be one of the most interesting robots seen at CES, where the latest and best products are on display, and it seems to offer a clever solution to one of the bitter truths of life.

Rollbot, shown during press events, was accompanied by a vehicle called SmellSense, which measures the risk of choking or breathing after a previous person entering the toilet. SmellSense determines how much carbon dioxide or hydrogen sulfide is in the air and tells users not to go into the toilet.

Both devices joined AR V.I.Pee, part of GoLab’s vision, which complemented Charmin’s vision in bathroom technologies. This device is also equipped with the Oculus Rift S VR headset, which allows users to participate in the bathroom.


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