‘Together’ Mode Comes to Microsoft Teams to Show Users Side by Side


Microsoft introduced a new mode to the users with the latest update for Teams. This mode, called “Together”, makes the users look like they are side by side. This AI supported mode will be experienced by all users like August.

The US-based technology giant Microsoft has been confronted with the video conferencing application “Teams”, perhaps most recently. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, distance education and home office work culture have been adopted and naturally people need video conferencing applications. At this point, Microsoft, who tries to be the best, does not try his best and does everything he can to move Teams forward.

Microsoft has brought many innovations to Teams to date. These innovations both increased the functionality of the application and improved the user experience. Not satisfied with the innovations it has made until today, Microsoft has brought another important innovation to Teams with an update it has released now. If you wish, let’s take a closer look at this new feature of the Teams application.

Video conferences will now appear as if they were in the same environment

Microsoft Teams has been working on a mode called “Together” for a while. This mod has been released as of today, and some of the users can now experience this feature. Teams Together mode brings together users who participate in video conferencing in a very different way. So much so that users look like they are sitting side by side. This feature, created with the support of artificial intelligence, seems to be liked by users.

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Together mode cuts the bottom of your shoulders when you join a conversation and puts you on a chair. Virtual seats, which can look like a movie theater or meeting room, make you look like you are sitting with your business or classmates. Moreover, as part of this mode, you can wave your friends and even touch their shoulders.

Microsoft officials did not give a detailed explanation of how the Together mode works. In particular, we are not quite sure how artificial intelligence works within this mode. Because especially the movements such as touching the shoulders of the friends and waving hands seem a little artificial, may make video conferences more artificial. The responses that will come with the introduction of the Together mod to all users will reveal what is thought about this issue.

Microsoft Teams’ Together mode currently includes only one background. However, it is expected that backgrounds will increase, backgrounds such as classrooms and even cafes will come in the future. It will most likely take August to reach the feature to all users.


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