Toem: City Professional Trophy/Achievement Guide


Toem is a delightful little adventure game. Filled with beautiful hand-drawn images, players can explore areas of the game and take photos to unravel the mysteries of the game.

In each area in the Volume (except the Homeland and the Top of the mountain) there are two photo tests that need to be performed. All of them are necessary for 100% completion of the game, and will also bring the player several achievements. City Professional requires players to complete two photo tasks in Logcity. This guide will show you where to find the Photo Call Scouts and what photos you need to take to complete their quests.

Photo call No. 5

From the clock tower, go left once and then up once to find a scout for this test on the bridge over the road. The task will be to take three photos: 5 living creatures, a grandmother’s car and a radical moment.

Five living beings

This particular test will be as fast as Tom can. The first photo should have five living creatures in one photo, not five separate photos. Go to the area with the clock tower and stand on the stairs leading to the bandstand (a higher balcony directly opposite the stairs leading to the bus stop).

This is a great place because players can capture a punk rocker on the bench, three pigeons and up to five occasionally running businessmen in one photo – which, of course, is more than the five required. Put on the camera and make sure there are at least five living creatures in the frame before taking a picture.

grandma is in the car

Although she may not be as cool as Skyrim Grandma, a brave grandmother will still give players the opportunity to compete for their money. Players will encounter her for the first time while working on the “Always Falling Granny” quest. Before turning her car over, take out your camera and take a picture of her.

If her quest to flip the car has already been completed, her car can be found driving along the road near the newspaper building. To make sure it’s registered, stand at the pedestrian crossing when she pulls up to stop her, and then take a picture of the “face” on the front of her car.

A radical moment

The radical moment can be found where the skaters are. From the clock tower, go left once and then up twice. There will be a figure skater scratching on the railing of some stairs. Take a picture of this skater when he falls.

Present all three photos to the scout who initially offered to complete the task.

Photo Call #6

The scout to start this trial is in the same area as the Art Gallery. From the clock tower, go right once, and then up twice. The clue for this is “Critical Confusion”. The confusion will be in the form of an amateur driver whose exceptional rear parking skills earned him a fine.

From where the player took the quest, go down twice, and then turn left twice. This plot will be next to a busy road with a very confused gentleman in the parking lot on the left side of the road. There will be a ticket on his car that he’s just not sure how he got it. Take a picture of him, then go back to the scout to give her a photo to complete the quest.

Toem has already been released on PS5, Switch and PC.


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