Todd Chrisley Expelled from Beckett’s Spirits Partnership After Guilty Verdict in Fraud Trial


Todd Chrisley’s partnership with Beckett’s Spirits has been terminated as the reality TV star faces up to 30 years in prison for fraud, Us Weekly confirms.

The trial of Todd and Julie Chrisley in the fraud case: what we know

Tinley Beverage Company Inc noted in a press release on Monday, June 27, that it had “notified and terminated” its agreement with 53-year-old Chrisley that she would be a representative of their brand. The businessman, for his part, still mentions Beckett’s Spirits in his Instagram bio.

The Chrisley Knows Best star announced her partnership with Beckett’s in January 2021. At the time, Todd confirmed that wife Julie Chrisley and daughter Savannah Chrisley would be joining him as they promote the company’s line of non-alcoholic spirits and cocktails as part of their “sober curiosity.”

“As the No. 1 helicopter parent in America, my mission was to find the perfect, refined, non—alcoholic party cocktails for our family and friends of all generations-from Chase [Chrisley] and Savannah, even to my nanny mother Faye,” the real estate mogul said, last announcing the partnership in August 2021, stated in a press release earlier that year. “When I couldn’t find anything, I found a suitable partner in Beckett’s team. They knew exactly how to work magic without fear of alcohol and tasteless, boring, socially inconvenient options for sugary carbonated drinks and water. So now, when everyone returns home, they will be socially responsible — EVERYTHING is FINE. And everyone is happy.”

News of the termination of the partnership came after Todd and Julie were convicted on 12 counts of tax evasion, banking and electronic fraud and conspiracy. The couple, who were charged in 2019 after they denied the charges, plan to file for a retrial before sentencing in October.

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After the verdict earlier this month, a source told us that “the whole family is devastated” as they “[weren’t] sure what it meant” for their future projects and TV shows.

“No one knows what will happen and what to do at this stage,” the insider said. “Any future planning in Todd and Julie’s lives is pretty much on hold until they learn about the verdict in the fall. This is terrible news, and they did not expect to be found guilty. Their whole life changed at that moment.”

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Todd broke his silence about his legal troubles during the release of his podcast “Chrisley Confessions” the same month. “We wanted everyone to know that this is a very sad, heartbreaking time for our family,” he said. “But we are still steadfast in our faith and believe that God will do what He does, because God is a miracle worker – and that’s what we are waiting for.”

However, the famous family continued to receive support from their marketing firm. “I think people don’t talk about their true side; they only see the TV side,” David, who is the CEO of Superior Marketing and works specifically with 26—year-old Chase, said in a statement on Monday, June 27. “I want people to be able to see how big they really are. I’m just sorry that they get all this negative publicity. I support them because I’ve seen the best side of the family.”

With a report by Diana Cooper