Today’s Hard Fall of Bitcoin (BTC) Helped Binance


Bitcoin (BTC) price fell close to 20% today, below the $ 30,000 support. Although there are many claims about the reasons for this decline in the BTC / USD parity, none of them could be clearly proven. The only thing that is sure to leave behind the fall is that it seems to work for Binance.

New record announcement from Binance CEO

Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance cryptocurrency exchange, recently shared on Twitter that Binance broke a new volume record in the last 24 hours. CZ said that with a trade volume of over $ 80 billion, it doubled the all-time record.

Binance has come up with a number of problems it has experienced today. In the continuation of the record announcement, CZ emphasized that more problems could be seen as the growth continues. Using the phrase “we are not perfect”, Changpeng Zhao stated that they will try to solve problems as quickly as possible.

Today, there was a $ 190 million Bitcoin liquidation on Binance in just 10 minutes. It can be said that this development, which went down in history as the biggest BTC liquidation in 10 minutes, was also effective in breaking the volume record for Binance.

Binance has raised issues today

However, the intensity of Binance caused many users to experience problems during the day. Binance, which has problems in serving when Bitcoin falls hard, still causes these problems to users according to some users.

It seems that Twitter user FML filed a complaint about Binance even after this statement.


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