To our Neck: Stacy Schroeder sent Brittany Cartwright and Jack Taylor their money back amid wedding drama


Sending a message. Stassi Schroeder made her feelings clear after Sheana Shay and Brittany Cartwright talked about the feud between the Vanderpump Rules alumni and returned the money the Kentucky native and Jax Taylor sent to cover their plates after they missed Schroeder and Bo Clark’s wedding.

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“Honestly, the goal of the podcast was for [Stassi] to just understand Brittany’s side more because she wasn’t answering her calls and Brittany texted her so many times without answering,” Shay, 37, exclusively told Us Weekly at the Schwartz & Sandy opening party hosted by and TMX on Tuesday, July 19. “We didn’t do it maliciously and not to say shit. And then the reaction to it, it was, like, actually it wasn’t even the intention. We hope that as soon as she hears this, she will say, “Oh, my God, now I understand.”

The Good As Gold singer told us that the July 1 episode of the podcast “has unpleasant consequences for us,” explaining: “Stassi returned the money. …Brittany paid for the plates because she couldn’t cook them. And said “Scheananigans podcast” [as a note].”

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Schroeder, 34, and Clark, 42, got married in May in Italy, inviting a small group of friends, including Cartwright, 33, and Taylor, 43. According to the newlyweds, graduates of Jax and Brittany Take Kentucky were not honest in their plans to attend and officially refused a few days before the wedding. Cartwright stated that there were “valid reasons” why they could not go.

“Cruz’s passport didn’t come, my mom died in the family and she had to come home,” she said on the June podcast “Betches Moms,” referring to her and son Taylor. “I mean, right before the wedding, such things happened that we couldn’t come to the wedding for these reasons. But I know, for example, that I have to wait until the last minute and not be able to be around someone I really consider one of my best friends, like, I feel terrible and I’m sincerely sorry. And I hope that one day we will be able to talk about it and sort it out.”

Cartwright spoke about the drama again on “Scheananigans” earlier this month, telling Shay that Taylor is “getting her head full” and “all worried” about flying with the baby, but claims she didn’t know her husband planted seeds of doubt about their presence-allegedly telling Clark’s friends that he was going to a golf tournament instead of Rome-via a series of messages.

“I personally have never sent any text messages. I’ll explain it very clearly because I would never do that to them. I was planning to give 1000-100%,” Cartwright told Shay. “You know how Jax is, he’s just texting, texting furiously and all that.”

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In addition to sending money to cover their plates—which Shay said on the podcast was “expensive”—Cartwright said she tried to contact Schroeder.

“I held out my hand after the wedding and said: “Everything is so great, and I hope that one day we can talk, and I’m really sorry that things have turned out this way,” and I haven’t received any response yet.” — she said. “I’ll try again in a couple of weeks or so. I just like to do everything right. …I get so upset. I don’t want to cause any drama.”

With a report by Hannah Kahn