“To hell with the Queen” — Piers Morgan’s Twitter Account Shocks People With X-rated Tweets and Claims It Was “Hacked”


Anything can happen in this digitally advanced world. Many cases of hacking accounts in social networks have become known. Piers Morgan was recently the victim of a hack on his Twitter account. It shocked the world when the account started sending out x-rated tweets about the late Queen Elizabeth II and famous singer Ed Sheeran.


Piers Morgan is a British television presenter, journalist, writer and broadcaster. Although the journalist appeared in and behind the news several times, he openly criticized Meghan Markle after her marriage to Prince Harry. But never the royal family. Therefore, when the 57-year-old media personality’s Twitter account was hacked, it created a lot of chaos for a while and caused a real shock to his followers.

Piers Morgan became a victim of cybercrime

According to the Mirror, fans of Morgan and his Twitter followers were shocked to see how Twitter was flooded with inappropriate tweets from his account. However, it soon became clear that it was not Morgan himself. A group of hackers introduced themselves as a team of gigglers. Although Twitter executives took down the tweets as soon as they learned about the incident.

Suddenly, hackers deleted DP from the account. They also changed the account name with names from “lol” to “Michael”. The shockingly colorful language has also become part of the name change process. One tweet literally shook up the platform, starting with the words “to hell with the queen.” The famous pop singer Ed Sheeran did not pass by either. Tweets like “ginger p***k” and “ginger f****r” added chaos.


Piers Morgan

Of course, fans and subscribers could not help but react to these rude remarks. They wanted Twitter executives to admit that the account had been hacked and do something about it. Meanwhile, some users enjoyed the situation, demanding various information from the journalist’s personal messages.

Many specifically asked about information related to Meghan Markle, especially about their past personal messages. But the hackers replied “nothing interesting” and left them disappointed. Well, former Prime Minister Boris Johnson was also a victim of these hackers who tweeted that Johnson needed a haircut.

Fortunately, Twitter executives took control of the situation by deleting the tweets. Morgan’s biography was erased along with the profile picture and banner.

What do you think about these tweets and the hacking of Mrogan’s account? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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