To continue growing: PlayStation would be preparing the purchase of more studios


A growing giant
We could say that PlayStation is among the largest companies today in terms of video games, along with Nintendo and Xbox. Although it is already quite successful and continues to give us excellent titles, that does not mean that its ambitions have already reached its end.


In 2021 alone, PlayStation has expanded the number of its studios by purchasing Housemarque, makers of Returnal, as well as Firesprite and Nixxes Software. It seems that these studies will not be the last that the company adds to its ranks, because according to an important Sony figure, more acquisitions could be on the way.

PlayStation could be looking for its next acquisition

During a conference, transcribed by VGC, Sony Pictures CEO Tony Vinciquerra was asked about the future of the film industry. In his response, he affirmed that for him the future of entertainment is in video games. After this, he assured that PlayStation will buy more studios in the future.

‘I believe that the traditional medium of film and television have already reached their peak and a new area of ​​growth will be the video game industry. Who is better positioned than Sony for that industry? ” Vinciquerra said. Although he assured that PlayStation would buy new studios, he did not give details or clues about the next acquisition of the video game giant.

This growth opportunity was more evident with the pandemic. While the cinema suffered great losses, the video game industry saw great growth, mainly because people had to spend more time at home. Furthermore, Vinciquerra’s sayings are in line with PlayStation’s April statements, when they said they would aggressively invest in first-party studios.

In addition to the growth in the area of ​​video games, they will also enter other media. It was recently announced that PlayStation Productions would be working on the television adaptation of popular titles such as The Last of Us and Twisted Metal. It seems that the company could not be at a better time.


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