To Circumvent Censorship, Museums Publish Nude Works On OnlyFans


OnlyFans: Some museums in Vienna, Austria’s capital, have started to publish their artworks containing nudes on OnlyFans, a platform that has recently become notorious for selling adult content. Organizers saw the action as a form of protest to “get around” the censorship imposed by social networks, which mostly do not allow material considered erotic.

Galeria Albertina was one of the entities that is publishing art pieces on OnlyFans. Dedicated to the historic preservation of graphic arts collections, the museum recently had its TikTok account banned for showing a photo of a female breast from a work by Japanese photographer Nobuyoshi Araki.

The gallery had already suffered from a similar action in 2019, when it had a post deleted from Instagram. At the time, the social network said that posting a painting by artist Peter Paul Rubens violated community rules, as it contained nudity.

The Vienna Tourism Board itself created an account on OnlyFans to promote works that show nudity. “Vienna is home to some of the most famous artworks in the world, many of them containing nudity. The most prominent social networks have policies in place that prohibit or censor these artworks. freedom they deserve — including on social media,” says the official account description.

The Leopold Museum is another Austrian entity that has suffered from censorship. A video recorded by the museum showing the painting called Liebespaar, by Austrian artist Koloman Moser, was marked by Facebook and Instagram as “potentially pornographic”.

And the “problem” of social networks with works is widespread. Even a photo of Willendorf’s Venus figurine has already been banned from Facebook. The historical object dates from the middle of 25 thousand years BC and was censored from the page of the Natural History Museum, by Facebook, in 2018. In the previous year, a user had already had a photo of the same sculpture deleted from the platform.


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