“To be honest, I don’t feel welcome” Generation Z Fashion Icon Billie Eilish Talks About Body Issues


For the whole world, she is a fantastic Bad Guy singer who made everyone excited. For the industry, she is an Oscar winner, but for Generation Z, Billy Eilish is a phenomenon. Her singing not only contributed to the growth of Eilish’s popularity, but also her personality. When we all fall asleep, where do we go? Despite the fact that radio stations told her that she would not succeed because her songs were too sad, the singer persevered because she had a clear idea of who she was. However, paradoxically, Eilish’s strong sense of who she was began to fade as she entered the glittering and glamorous life of a pop star.


Despite the fact that millions of fans gathered under her name, Eilish, as she grew in the public eye, did not understand who she was. On closer inspection, you can see that her style is changing very clearly. At the beginning of her career, Eilish wore only baggy outfits. She wore them to such an extent that people thought she owned a brand of baggy clothing, if there was one. Her style was so outstanding that Will Hunting thought it was a separate category when he wrote: “She had a Billy Irish style.” Not only in clothes, but also in hair color. She went from blue to bright green and to blonde.

Billie Eilish told about the problems with the body

While fans were delighted with the Oscar-winning singer’s confidence and indifference, which were real accessories on her clothes, all the while the singer struggled to figure out who she was. In an interview with The Times , Eilish said: “Wearing baggy clothes, I don’t attract anyone, I feel incredibly unattractive, unsexy and ugly, and people shame you for not being feminine enough.”


Then Eilish decided to change the situation a little and was cruelly affected for the reason that she was harder to find than Nemo.

Eilish spoke about the hate she received: “I’m shit, and I’m corrupt, and I, like any other celebrity, sell my body, and Wow! What the fuck do you want? It’s a crazy world for women and women in the public eye.” All this whiplash has spoiled the singer’s strong sense of identity, in which she was once so sure.

“To be honest, I never feel wanted. What bothers me is that I felt so unnecessary that maybe sometimes I tried too hard to be desired. It makes me sad to think about it,” Eilish said. The singer is often applauded for speaking publicly about her insecurities. But more often than not, the applause is muffled by the fact that she, too, is facing the same problems.

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